a butterflyIf you would like to see us dance check our Events Calendar. If you are interested in joining as a dancer or musician(m+f), you would be very welcome to see us when we perform, visit us when we practice, or contact us.

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Alestones Cider Festival on Sunday 5th March at:

Tardebigge Court
B97 6QW

Guests of Aelfgythe Morris

Dancing at around 1pm.

butterfly gifFirst Event 2017 - Avoncroft Museum Bromsgrove -"Wassail"!

Nancy Butterfly dancing with hoops in the Guesten Hall at Avoncroft MuseumNancy Butterfly dancers holding up bright red handkerchiefs during a dance at Avoncroftman in mediaeval costume leading the Wassail at Avoncroft with a drumButterfly dancing with red handkerchiefs in Guesten HallButterfly dancing on the tiles of Guesten Hall Avoncroft Museum